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Dear visitor, so that everyone feels comfortable and every visitor can enjoy an optimal experience with us, we continue to limit our capacity and sometimes there can be waiting times at the entrance.

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Butterfly World Allgäu

A paradise of flying gems!

For years we have been offering a subtropical climate in our greenhouse for exotic guests from South America, Asia and Africa. These are butterflies such as the atlas moth, comet moth, passion fruit moth and many others.

At around 25° C and subtropical humidity, you can marvel at these flying gems while feeding, flying and mating. From the egg to the caterpillar, to the pupa and the butterfly, everything can be found under expert guidance.

Let yourself be carried away into the fascinating world of free-flying butterflies. You can also enjoy delicious coffee from Costa Rica in our "Stone-Oasis-Café" and let yourself be spoiled with cake or a snack.

Impressions from our little adventure world

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Also welcome for a coffee and homemade cake

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[4.5 stars from 1305 reviews on Google, as of 10/07/2022]

"Small but nice. You shouldn't expect a huge facility, but it's just great for small children when they can watch the butterflies. They fly freely in the facility and sometimes land on visitors, which is of course particularly interesting for the little ones ."

Florian Schröttle

"Loving owners who run a beautiful facility. With butterflies from many countries and reptiles. Passionate explanation that was entertaining. Worth a visit for young and old."

Sabrina Huber

"Very lovingly designed. Absolutely worth seeing. I've never seen so many beautiful butterflies up close. The adventure world isn't big, but that's exactly what's great. The owner and his family do it with great commitment and love. Homemade cakes top it all off Definitely a great experience for the whole family."

Roman Höpfner

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