EXCEPT FOR JULY 23rd & 24th!

Dear visitors,

We hope the photos below help, please follow the detour sign, drive around our butterfly world to the designated parking spaces. To do this, turn right in front of the yellow containers and immediately right again.
Please do not park in our neighbors' surrounding areas!

We hope these tips help you find your way and we look forward to your visit!


FROM 10:00 AM TO 4:30 PM

Dear visitor, so that everyone feels comfortable, we limit our capacity and it may happen that we have to inform you at the entrance that entry is not possible without a reservation ticket. This happens particularly often on days with a high number of visitors (holidays, weekends, rain...).

If you want to be sure of entry (ESPECIALLY ON RAINY DAYS!), please use the link below to buy a reservation ticket for 1 euro per person. If NO more reservation tickets are available, this means that all seats are sold out.

For you, the reservation ticket means planning security with guaranteed admission, it is not deducted from the admission price.

First things first...


Our entire world of butterfly adventures is at ground level and easily accessible with a wheelchair.

Dogs allowed

You are welcome to bring your dogs to us. They are very welcome on a leash.

Free parking

You will find free parking spaces directly in front of our entrance. Rarely will you have to go far.

Worth knowing and informative...

Even if we just enjoy these beautiful butterflies, we are also doing good in a great wheelwork!

For example, we secure the daily income of the families in the respective countries. They look after plant diversity through targeted cultivation, they protect the environment, since no pesticides or artificial fertilizers may be used (butterflies are highly sensitive) and they thus contribute to the preservation of some rare butterfly species.

We provide enough host plants and habitat in our greenhouses for these exotic species from Costa Rica and Asia (about 35 species).

In search of nectar, they fly from flower to flower between visitors and sometimes perch on a visitor's shoulder or hand.

Our rarities are the approx. 26cm large atlas moth from China and the comet moth from Madagascar.

When you visit our butterfly exhibition, we will inform you personally about the life and development of butterflies!

In addition, you will learn amazing and worth knowing details such as physique, nutrition, enemies and much more about these wonderful insects from our information boards.

Silk Exhibition



You are welcome to take photos and films in our tropical house.

We only ask you to turn off the flashlight, otherwise the butterflies' sensitive organs of vision will be overstimulated and unfortunately "flashed" pupae will no longer hatch!

More information and nice excursion tips can be found here: