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From colorful flowers to flying gems

Our Allgäu butterfly adventure world has been around since 2006. What started as a hobby next to running a flower shop has continued to develop and has finally developed into a wonderful attraction in the Allgäu.

An oasis of calm where our visitors can experience and marvel, but also relax and recharge their batteries.

We are happy about every visitor who shares our passion, likes to come back and recommends us.

For us, the world of butterflies is a life's work that we gladly accept and do everything we can to make this world better with our contribution, to give joy and send out bright eyes.

For us and our family, the butterflies and animals are much more than just a popular tourist attraction.

The fascination of butterflies, this miracle of nature in all its colorfulness and delicacy, is also carried over to the entire world of experience.

"Experiences from the Allgäu to Lake Constance"

You can also find us in the travel guide of the Idea publishing house, which is available online... have a look!

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Great places for tourists and locals... [this list is still under construction]

Schongau fairytale forest and zoo

The highlight of every childhood and has been since 1965! A fairytale park that is completely geared to the needs of small children aged 2-8 and their parents and inspires with its diversity and variety!

Excavator Park Burggen close to Schongau

Fun and games for young and old... in the truest sense of the word! Maybe it should be phrased differently and written for "boys and men"... but we've also seen plenty of girls and women having a blast!

Filstal Eichhörnchen - Squirrelˋs Home

On a voluntary basis, dear people in the Filstal take care of the rearing and care of small and large squirrels. We think this commitment is great, we also jump ourselves and are happy to link you to their Facebook page here, where you can find all the information you need.

We appreciate your feedback...

We look forward to every review on Google, we currently have 1305 reviews and a satisfaction rating of 4.5 stars (07.10.2022)

With every like you support us and enable us to make our Allgäu butterfly world of experience better known. Thanks for that! :-)

We have already collected 3897 followers over the years - wonderful! And the recommendations are 4.8 out of 352 people as of October 7th, 2022